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What to Expect

Preparing for your sleep study

  • Please arrive with clean, dry hair
  • Do not use gels, lotions or oils on your scalp or skin
  • Do not nap the day of your study
  • Do not drink excessive amounts of caffeine after 12 noon on the day of your study

What to bring for your stay

  • Comfortable pajamas, tee shirt, sweat pants or shorts
  • Evening medications
  • Your favorite pillow or blanket if it will help you rest and relax – we do provide them as well
  • Personal toiletries for an overnight stay – private bathroom/shower available for every patient

Frequently Asked Questions

What will you monitor during the night?

We will place leads on your scalp using a water soluble paste to monitor your brainwave activity. We will monitor your leg movements, eye movement, snoring, oxygen levels, cardiac rhythms, respiratory effort and nasal/oral airflow. You will not be injected with anything. Sensors are applied using stickers, tape adhesive or EEG paste (water soluble).

How do people sleep with all of the wires attached?

Almost everyone can fall asleep, although it may take a little longer than average. We attach the monitoring devices upon arrival and allow time for you to sit, relax and read or watch TV before we initiate the actual study. Th is will allow you time to get accustomed to the feeling of the leads and wires.

I normally take sleeping pills to help me sleep at night. Do I take them the night of my test?

It depends on the reason for the medication. We suggest bringing the medication with you the night of the study just in case you are experiencing diffi culties falling asleep or awaken during the night and cannot fall back to sleep. A technologist will ask the medical director based on the information included in your consultation.

What happens if I need to use the bathroom during my test?

The technologist will be monitoring you all night and will be able to hear you call out from the bedroom. The technologist will disconnect two cables which will allow you to get up and use the private bathroom in your bedroom as often as is needed. A urinal may be placed bedside upon request.

Can I go to work the morning after my sleep study?

Yes. We have showers in all of our private bathrooms for you to use to prepare for your workday. If you need an early wake-up time, please inform your technologist of the time you need to be up. You do not need to take a day off of work.

Where should I park?

Please park at the Silver Cross Hospital Visitor and Patient Parking Lot C. You can enter the main hospital entranceand will be escorted to Pavilion A, Suite 525 for your study. When you leave in the morning, we will escort you back to the main hospital entrance for your vehicle.

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