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Phase II

Having a heart attack or being diagnosed with a heart condition can be life-changing and frightening. The goal of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Silver Cross Hospital is to help you recover from the cardiovascular event and prevent future heart problems. Our rehab program is designed to improve the functioning of your heart and lungs, strengthen your muscles, and help you gain the confidence you need to return to living a high-quality life. 

Our out-patient cardiac rehab program is designed to help patients and their families prepare to return to normal daily activities after a procedure or treatment.

Our trained cardiac rehab nurses and exercise physiologists will review risk factors and discuss lifestyle changes and choices to help improve the success of your treatment. With the support and guidance of your Cardiac Rehab Team, you can return to your everyday life with a renewed, healthy outlook and strong heart. 

Program Length - 18 or 36 sessions (6 or 12 weeks)

Frequency – 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Goal – Achieve optimal level of physical, psychological and social health. Increase cardiac strength and endurance through:

  • Individual progressive exercise plan monitored closely by telemetry
  • Patient and family education of cardiovascular disease, risk factor modification, heart healthy nutrition and stress management              
  • Emotional support.

Qualifications – Coronary bypass surgery, heart attack, angioplasty with stent, stable angina, heart valve repair/replacement, heart transplant, within the last year. Congestive heart failure (must meet qualifications).

Requirements - A written physician order.

*Insurance and Medicare coverage may vary.



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