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BMI Surgery at Silver Cross helps area resident dramatically improve health after bariatric surgery

When 281 pound Tina Siranossian’s doctor told her she had five years to live due to health complications caused by obesity, she knew she had to find the right tools to help her stop using food to cope with the stresses of life, so she could be around for her children. “I lost my mother at 39-years-old due to complications from diabetes and obesity. I didn’t start to take care of myself until I looked into the eyes of my children, and realized that I didn’t want to put them through losing a parent at such a young age,” said Tina, who had weight loss surgery at age 32. Since losing 134 pounds after having Lap Band surgery six years ago with BMI Surgery at Silver Cross Hospital, Tina is grateful for every day she has beat the odds by exercising regularly and eating healthier foods.

Hospital also chosen by readers for Best Birthing Center and Emergency Department 

New Lenox, IL (April 8, 2016)—Silver Cross Hospital was recently recognized in 22nd Century Media’s first Southwest Choice Awards as the Best Hospital, Best Emergency Room and Best Place to Have a Baby. 

Silver Cross will host a free program on Restoring Your Vaginal Youth on April 14 

New Lenox, IL (March 31, 2016)— For two years, New Lenox resident and internal medicine physician, Dr. Diana Jaime, suffered with increasing vaginal discomfort due to dryness. Simply wearing jeans or driving a car for a while would cause her to experience more symptoms.  Dealing with menopause goes beyond hot flashes, it interferes with your activities and family time. For Diana, bike rides and zumba classes were off her to do list.  Her discomfort was due to severe vaginal dryness. She tried water-based lubricants and low dose hormonal creams, but found no relief. Unfortunately, she was not a candidate to take oral hormones since this type of medication caused her blood to clot. After trying what she thought were the only options to get relief for menopausal dryness, she figured she would just have to live with it. Then her life dramatically improved after talking with a girlfriend. Her friend suggested she see Dr. Francisco Garcini who could help her find relief through a new non-surgical procedure called vaginal rejuvenation. 

New Lenox, IL (March 28, 2016) — Colon cancer does not get the same high-profile attention as other diseases, but it should.  According to the 2013 Will County Community Health Assessment Report, it’s the third most commonly diagnosed cancer among women and men, as well as the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the area. 

Silver Cross Hospital hosts free hip and knee arthritis program on March 15

New Lenox, IL (February 24, 2016)— For years Edith Vanderhyden endured severe pain as she struggled to walk from arthritis that was in her right knee. She tried therapy to relieve the pain, but nothing worked. 

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