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Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox recently honored volunteers at its annual recognition luncheon held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook. With four volunteer organizations: Advisory Board (Encore Resale Shop), Childerguild (Gift Shop) and The Will County Union of King’s Daughters and Sons (founders of Silver Cross) and inservice volunteers, more than 700 area residents donate their time and talents to raise funds for the hospital and assist in daily operations. Over the last year, they have given 66,000 hours of service and raised over $396,000 for the Silver Cross Foundation. For more information, about volunteer opportunities, visit or call (815) 300-7117.


PHOTO CAPTION: Silver Cross Hospital Volunteers and Auxilians recently were honored at the hospital’s annual Volunteer Service Award Luncheon at the Bolingbrook Golf Club on April 29 including, from left: Stuart Switt (6,500 hours), Janice Prospero (6,000 hours), Dan Shew (7,500 hours), Ruth Colby, President and CEO Silver Cross Hospital, Beverly Carlson (7,500 hours), Barbara Baird (7,500 hours), Mary Lou Field-Wirt (55 years), Mary Martino (8,000 hours), and Margaret Persico (7,000 hours). Not pictured is Doris Alderson (9,500 hours).

Silver Cross volunteers honored for milestone years of service:    

Name   Volunteer Organization Hometown
5 YEARS        
Marge Anderson Childerguild Mokena
10 YEARS        
Carole DeBenedetti Childerguild Joliet
Renee Fonck King’s Daughters Joliet
Kim Holland King’s Daughters Naperville
Barbara Steffes Childerguild Lockport
15 YEARS        
Ida Fonck   King’s Daughters Joliet
25 YEARS        
Toni Howen King’s Daughters Royse City
Marilynn Plese  King’s Daughters/Advisory Board   Joliet
30 YEARS        
Verna Kitchen Childerguild Joliet
Carole Remko Childerguild Joliet
Silver Cross volunteers honored for milestone hours of service:  
Name   Volunteer Organization Hometown
35 YEARS        
Sharon Bolerjack King’s Daughters Lockport
Edna Cagwin King’s Daughters Lockport
Karen Colombo King’s Daughters Plainfield
Karla Farr   King’s Daughters Joliet
Karen Holland King’s Daughters Naperville
Peggy Parthun King’s Daughters Joliet
40 YEARS        
Kathy Kurkamp Childerguild Shorewood
Barbara Shroba Childerguild Shorewood
55 YEARS        
Mary Lou Field-Wirt King’s Daughters Joliet
500 HOURS      
Terry Karales Advisory Board Joliet
Rosemary Stromberg Advisory Board Joliet
Bruce Bissell Inservice   New Lenox
Bill Boyles Sr. Inservice   Frankfort
Joan Cummings Inservice   Mokena
Sue Deering Inservice   Joliet
Gayle Lynn Fazzini Inservice   Mokena
Kenneth Flutman Inservice   Orland Park
Susan Fronek Inservice   Lockport
Claudia Green Inservice   New Lenox
Dianne Gronowski Inservice   Mokena
Wayne Helge Inservice   Mokena
Colette Kelly Inservice   Lemont
Haley Koth Inservice   Homer Glen
Tom Magdziasz Inservice   Frankfort
Gary Niedermeier Inservice   Frankfort
Kenneth Olson Inservice   New Lenox
Janet Pantschoschka Inservice   New Lenox
Rebekah Pike Inservice   Joliet
Marlene Serena Inservice   Joliet
Karen Tobola Inservice   Tinley Park
Maxine Triller Inservice   Lockport
Mary Ann Ventrice Inservice   Tinley Park
Bonnie Wilson Inservice   Orland Park
1,000 HOURS      
Kathy Fanning Advisory Board Shorewood
Joan Landry Advisory Board New Lenox
Carol Novak Advisory Board Elwood
Kathy Ullian Advisory Board New Lenox
James Arnold Inservice   Manhattan
Zachary Buchanan Inservice   Lockport
Sandra Burt Inservice   Mokena
Kathleen Fabie Inservice   New Lenox
Robert Fronek Inservice   New Lenox
Judy Hageman Inservice   Frankfort
Mary Hoechbauer Inservice   Joliet
Violanda Mays Inservice   Joliet
Mary McMahan Inservice   New Lenox
Peg Mizera Inservice   Mokena
Kathleen Orr Inservice   Mokena
John Overend Inservice   Plainfield
Dolores Sell Inservice   New Lenox
Robert Stromberg Inservice   Joliet
Gordon Veerman Inservice   New Lenox
LeeAnn Nippert Advisory Board/Inservice Shorewood
1,500 HOURS      
Dorothy Trimmer Advisory Board Joliet
James Aggen Inservice   Orland Park
Barbara Grison Inservice   Joliet
Edward Merzlock Inservice   Shorewood
Janice Pomp Inservice   New Lenox
Nathan Yurgin Inservice   New Lenox
2,000 HOURS      
Jean Lund Advisory Board New Lenox
Mary Jo Jolas Inservice   Mokena
Doris Kelly Inservice   New Lenox
Kathleen Mitchell Inservice   Mokena
Kelly Ruettiger Inservice   Joliet
2,500 HOURS      
Bobbie Rand Advisory Board Joliet
Vivian Mitcheff Inservice   Elwood
JoAnn Tomczak Inservice   Orland Park
3,000 HOURS      
Lynn Echlin Advisory Board Elwood
3,000 HOURS      
Debbie Glavin Advisory Board Joliet
Carol Moholick Advisory Board Joliet
3,000 HOURS      
Kathryn Andersen Inservice   Mokena
William Bennett Inservice   Orland Park
David Dykshorn Inservice   New Lenox
William Jackson Inservice   New Lenox
Mary Johnson Inservice   Joliet
John Miller Inservice   Lemont
Monica Roberts Inservice   Mokena
3,500 HOURS      
Jan Falk   Advisory Board Elwood
William Virgl Inservice   New Lenox
4,000 HOURS      
Jackie Grider Inservice   Lockport
Ruthann Thompson Inservice   Manhattan
Edith Schalk Advisory Board/Inservice Lemont
4,500 HOURS      
Howard Beintum Inservice   Manhattan
Ruth Brown Inservice   New Lenox
Bill Kargle Inservice   Joliet
Jim Pitcairn Inservice   New Lenox
5,500 HOURS      
Betty Stoxen Advisory Board Lockport
Michael Buell Inservice   New Lenox
Donna Geiss Inservice   Manhattan
Brian Hutson Inservice   Lockport
Evelyn Lord Inservice   Frankfort
6,000 HOURS      
Janice Prospero Inservice   New Lenox
6,500 HOURS      
Stuart Switt Inservice   Mokena
7,000 HOURS      
Margaret Persico Inservice   New Lenox
7,500 HOURS      
Barbara Baird Inservice   Lockport
Dan Shew Inservice   Lockport
Beverly Carlson Advisory Board/Inservice Frankfort
8,000 HOURS      
Mary Martino Inservice   New Lenox
9,500 HOURS      
Doris Alderson Advisory Board/Inservice Joliet



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