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The Golden Hour

Benefits of Skin-to-Skin

Helps baby adjust to life outside
the womb:

  • better temperature regulation
  • stable heart rate
  • stable respiratory rate
  • stable blood sugar
  • reduced crying
  • reduced pain perception
  • decreased stress\enhanced brain development

Good for moms, too:

  • decreased stress
  • improved interactions with baby
  • enhanced attachment
  • enhanced sensitivity and responsiveness

At Silver Cross Hospital, we encourage parents to honor the Golden Hour.

The Golden Hour is the first hour of life of the newborn. During this hour babies are very alert. They are actively looking at and listening to their mother.

The Golden Hour allows for uninterrupted bonding between the parents and their new baby.

Consider telling your family and friends that you will be observing the golden hour with your baby.


  • Babies are very alert
  • Babies search for mom’s face and listen to mom’s voice
  • Accomplish the first breastfeeding


  • Silver Cross Healthy Community Commission provides scholarship grant to NAACP Joliet Chapter

  • Frankfort Woman’s Severe Back Pain Eliminated due to Surgery at Silver Cross

  • Silver Cross teams up with Chicagoland Speedway to hold Children’s Book Drive for National Hook-up of Black Women/Silver Cross Reading Rooms


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